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Reduce risk, prevent attacks, respond to incidents, and provide customers with 24/7 peace of mind

Worry-Free™ is a suite of EDR/XDR/MDR security solutions designed to match the needs of your clients and protect against malware, ransomware, and other malicious activity. Using the most advanced protection techniques, our detection and response capabilities deliver visibility and insight into threats with the power to respond effectively.

Worry-FreeEDR delivers comprehensive endpoint protection coupled with detection and response functionalities. It identifies, investigates, and addresses potential threats affecting individual devices or endpoints within a network. The emphasis is on monitoring and responding to security incidents at the endpoint level, offering organizations an improved understanding of the activities occurring on their devices.

Worry-FreeXDR includes EDR services and goes beyond endpoint security, ensuring continuous protection of your client's sensitive information and assets. It safeguards against potential breaches across multiple attack surfaces, including endpoints, mobile devices, email, cloud applications, and browsers.

Expand your insights and enhance your capabilities with Extended Detection and Response (XDR):

  • Automatically correlates data from endpoints and email accounts

  • Gain visibility, analysis, and response capabilities across desktops, servers, mobile devices, email, and the web.

  • Achieve a broader perspective and improved context for hunting, detecting, investigating, and responding to threats.

Worry-Free™ with Co-Managed EDR/XDR empowers MSPs to deliver uniform security to customers and offer scalable security services. It ensures comprehensive threat visibility and correlation across endpoints and email, enabling proactive containment and intelligent responses facilitated by Trend Micro's threat experts while MSPs retain control over their interactions with customers.

Starting at $10.00


Trend Micro

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