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Can you trust your eyes or is AI tricking you?

We've talked a lot about AI on this site, and for good reason. It's becoming more and more pervasive. Believe it or not, many things you see online are created by AI. From images to news articles, even videos, AI can create content that can trick you into believing it is real and human-created, and this is causing many to worry.

This photo, for instance, can you tell that it was generated by AI? At first glance, probably not, and even looking at it closer, it may still fool you. That being said, this wasn't even done using the most advanced AI generation software available, but rather a website that anyone can access and use. It should be stated that it isn't all doom and gloom. For instance, this technology is great for small businesses that can't afford to hire professional photographers and graphic designers. While the quality and attention to detail are still unmatched by professional humans, it can easily create images with enough quality to trick most people.

Here is another example showcasing a more nature-oriented image. Again it's highly detailed and difficult to tell on first glance that it isn't necessarily real. While a great tool with many uses, it goes to show that you must be more vigilant than ever when believing your eyes online.

So, we've shown some images, but that has been around for a while with Photoshop right? What about videos and voices, though? What if you saw a video online of the President saying something terrible? Would you believe it? Most people would, which is why this next example can show the dangers if people continue to believe everything they see on the internet. What if I told you that people can make fully voiced videos of people with AI that is nearly indistinguishable from the actual person? While again this tool has many great uses, as with any technology, when in the wrong hands can be used for malicious acts.

In the video below, the Amish is using AI to change his voice to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. While in this example, you can hear a little bit of his accent, it's still fairly convincing. Adding this to the already used deep fake technology that can create realistic videos of celebrities, you can see how this could possibly be used to trick people into thinking public figures have said or done things that they haven't.

Now that you have seen some examples, you can see that it's not perfect but could easily trick someone who isn't paying close attention. While these tools may have some nefarious uses, keep in mind that there are many great uses as well for business, entertainment, and even individuals. All in all, you simply need to remain vigilant when you see any shocking content online, as it may have been created just for that reason.

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