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Should you outsource your IT services?

This is a big question for lots of businesses, and especially small business. Lets face it, IT is a requirement of business in today's modern world but it can also get very expensive very quickly. Most people aren't professional IT experts, and even if you are, there are too many facets of IT for anyone person to know it all. Sure big business can easily afford to dish out hundreds of thousands, if not millions on IT experts to keep their services running smoothly but small to medium size business find that a much harder pill to swallow.

While not all business will need to utilize a full stack of technology to stay running you will need some basic IT services just to have a hope to compete. You need to at least have email capabilities, and preferably a website, but more often than not you will need more than that. There may even be services available that could help your business that you are unaware of. The question is how do you handle all of this and still run your business?

You have a few options based on your needs and budget. On one hand you could hire a full-time or part-time IT employee. While this gives you ease of access it can be very expensive, and if you don't have a lot of tech that needs constant work, that could be money down the drain. You will have to pay them a salary that can start to climb quickly if they have a lot of knowledge and experience, then you have employment taxes, recruiting expenses, and benefits. It can really add up and make any small business owner feel helpless.

Your other option is to outsource your IT. You could do this directly such as buying MS Office licenses and using Microsoft directly for support, but this has its own share of issues attached. You wont have anyone that can come on site, and you're likely going to have to upgrade your subscriptions to get decent support, and even then your competing for the support teams time with all of the vendors other customers. The second option for outsourcing is using an MSP, or managed services provider. This a company that is usually local that will handle your IT for you on a subscription basis. Depending on the provider, this could include purchasing, setting up, and managing your software, handling any issues you may have, and possibly even helping you train your employees.

Obviously there is no one sized fits all for all businesses, but you have options so don't fret! Yes you need IT for your business but you don't have to go broke to manage it. If you're somewhat tech savvy and only need email and the most basic software, doing it yourself and using vendor support may be an option, but its worth at least getting a free consult from an MSP so that you can weigh your options and maybe even discover products you didn't know you needed. If you have questions about this subject please let us know, we are happy to help you get on track even if its not by utilizing us for your services.

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